who we are

biocampus project

Was founded with the goal of protecting and enriching every particularly sensitive place, to the natural and cultural boundary that surrounds and with the purpose of promoting, organizing and supporting all forms of cultural activities with a focus on natural themes, expressive, creative, recreational, as well as touristic, thereby contributing to the spread of the culture of solidarity and aggregation between people. We take care of the food aspect, through sale and cooking of certified organic products. we practice composting, managing a vegetable garden, and finally collection of recycling materials. Give attention to the use of detergents. Promote the responsible use of resources (electricity, water, heating sources) and that wonderful resource that is the silence.

Create moments of re-appropriation of imagination and creativity, with expressive workshops, conferences and seminars on the major emerging issues - such as nutritional awareness, tolerance about differences, energy saving, environmental protection.

Beginning from our children, teach them the sense of nature, with moments of education-school in nature, convey the sense of the use of resources, of living together with others, other generations, especially. The above it's an utopia to be realized in constant flux, as the eternal dance of the cosmos, known in ancient Indian language JAGAT.

the campsite

Located in the high Modena Apennines, surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery in front of the beautiful surroundings of Monte Cimone, characterized by kilometers of paths for walking or biking excursions lovers camping. It offers the opportunity to live intense moments in contact with nature and get in tune with the colors and the silence of the woods and the earth. Peaceful area. Campsite dedicated to biological, environmentally friendly approach in all respects, perfect destination for the sharing of human values based on conscious wealth of resources and respect for others, cultural and spiritual enrichment.